Presentation guidelines

Guidelines Oral presentation

Kindly check the programme for the timing and duration of your talk. Please limit your slides to the timing of your talk.

Disclosure slide
Kindly include a disclosure slide as the first slide of your presentation. Should you need an example, please click here. Kindly click here for more information.

Delivering presentation
When the platform is ready, we will invite you to enter the platform and upload your slides for your session. You will be informed about this in detail during the technical walkthrough.
The webinar will be technically supported. In two weeks prior to the virtual congres, we will schedule a technical walk-through to discuss the program. You can then also ask all your technical questions. You will be contacted about this.

Additional information during the virtual congress:

  • Provide a properly functioning laptop, including sound / microphone
  • Connect your laptop / computer to the mains and, if possible, wired internet
  • We recommend that you use a headset including a microphone
  • Make sure you don’t have backlighting in the background, preferably a neutral (tidy) background
  • Make sure the camera is at eye level
  • Sit in a quiet room with as little noise from people around you as possible
  • Silence your phone
  • Please format your PowerPoint slides in 16: 9 format

Invited faculty will receive a complimentary registration. If your abstracts is selected for an Oral presentation, kindly register via the link you have been provided with. If you did not receive this link, contact

Guidelines Poster presentation

We ask all posters to be submitted as a PDF file. You have the option to present your poster via a PPT slide, and record audio/video file with a max of 2 slides, and 2 minutes.

You are submitting a poster pdf and/or video poster:

Poster submission

File specifications:
Poster files must be submitted in pdf format. The size must be <20MB.
For recorded video posters, the format must me mp4. The size must be <200MB.

Video recording:
There are different ways to record a video presentation. The most preferred options are PPT or Zoom. To know more about how to record your video please read the separate instruction documents about self-recording.

Poster submission:

Once your poster is ready, please follow the following steps to submit it:

  1. Name the file/s with the poster number, the title of the poster and the name of the poster author as part of the file name.
  2. Email your poster/s (PDFs and/or videos) to the email address
  3. Add the poster number, poster title and the poster author name to the email subject.
  4. Add your personal details in the email body so we can reach you if there are any issues.

Deadline for sending your poster files is 13 June 2021!